I Scream we scream for Ice-cream😓

It was at 3 O’clock in the morning when I had its scream. The walls​ seemed to Tremble at the sound. My leg was stuck in crevice where it bled painlessly.

Fear had consumed my pain. All I longed for now was to die, but death was a million miles away.

They brought his head to scare us. The eyes had already been popped, the dry bloody tears on his face left an expression of his fear. It definitely sent a chill of fear in us.

We were around 10, “if am not wrong.” I could not see properly my eyes were bloody. He kept laughing louder by every second. “Just kill us,” I kept mumbling… 

(Foot steps) More people walked into the room they kept referring to us as test subjects.

If they manage to survive this would be one hell of  breakthrough People!!! We would be in charge of a large portion of the military’s budget

we can’t let them walk out of here alive”, “Don’t worry they won’t tell nobody”, “I personally won’t have a ticking time bomb ready to exploded at any moment”

“Fine!!! we’ll kill them once our theory is fully proven, everybody happy???!!”

😲😨!!! They kept speaking loudly and audibly amongst themselves. For the first time in my entire existence​ I had to picture death as a gift.

I tried to hold my breath hoping I’d probably suffocate, but I felt like I was drowning in my own blood and I had to gasp. Suddenly I felt the failure of my limbs I’m becoming paralysed and my body growing Cold.

An explosion shook the building or( maybe just the room). The bright yellow flame gleamed from a distant, I felt so light. The screams​ sounded like they were millions of miles away. This is it it’s​ the ascending, “good-bye world” so I thought…

They​ hurriedly fitted us with oxygen masks for us to breathe then left us to die a painful dead with no option of suffocation. The fire was creeping onto us like a hungry lion on a fat prey. The pain was beyond excruciating. It was at that point I realised that the fire wasn’t​ consuming our flesh.

The experiment was on soldiers​ that do not burn expect they forgot to induce pain reliever on us or did they?😨

To be continued…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. An interesting post. Looking forward to more.


  2. Anna says:

    I like the title


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